Augmented- & Virtual Reality Experiences

AR/VR solutions enable high potential for new applications, especially in maintenance, production and service industries. The focus is always on people.


Microsoft HoloLens & HoloLens 2 for professional AR experiences

HoloLens projects so-called lightspots onto the glasses, thereby creating information content and holograms in your field of vision. Speech recognition, gestures and the user's head movements control the AR device.

Microsoft HoloLens is wireless. The glasses create 3D projections in front of your near visible environment. These projections are adapted to reality that they appear natural and deceptively real.


With VUZIX Blade real time data in the field of view 

Haptic feedback and glasses that vibrate for notifications. Touchpad and head motion tracker offer intuitive controls. The integrated microphone with noise cancellation enable speech control. With its 8 megapixel HD camera you can make pictures or videos up to 1080p resolution. 


Industry data glasses RealWear-HMT1 with reliable speech control

With the intuitive and completely hands-free HMT-1 data glasses both hands remain free for manual tasks while simultaneous access to relevant information and communication is possible. Ideal for remote maintenance, digital assistence and logistics. Via video remote support employees can receive maintenance assistance from off-site experts.


Easy entry with tablets or smartphones

Today's widespread availability of smartphones and tablets makes the implementation of augmented reality functions possible in many cases. No costly investments are needed and getting started is practically child`s play.


Oculus Quest for mobile VR-Experiences

Oculus Quest is an all-in-one-system for virtual reallity (wireless / no PC). Dive into the virtual adventure merely with the headset (immersive). Interaction with the virtual world becomes bossible through controllers or hand gestures. Device performance can be increased by using additional computers or laptops (wired).


HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

In stationary use cases in connection with computers, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift show their strenghts. The possibility of interacting with virtual reallity plays an important part to and is a strategy towards digital transformation.