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We consult and guide companies into the digital future. Companies value our help in pushing innovation and digitalization within their organization.

An initial system landscape analysis by our experienced consulting team is free of charge.


Analysis and consolidation

System landscapes often do not develop at the same pace as the company's processes and business requirements. This sometimes creates isolated systems that only serve a limited number of users. An analysis of process and system landscapes reveals such inefficiencies and potentials. Transformation road maps guide through system consolidation.

It often turns out that expenses for a process clean-up and seamless application integration pay for themselves within a year and can therefore be implemented in a budget-neutral manner.

System Integration

SAP implementation, customization & development

SAP consulting at VIINGO means interconnecting business, technical and IT requirements by experts that have experience in their respective fields. 

VIINGO project teams are always assembled according to the business and technical requirements within a specific project. This approach ensures that the interests of all stakeholders are represented and reflected in the resulting IT landscape.

IT Management

CIO & CDO on an interim basis

In order to meet today's business requirements, sole focus on the infrastructure in the IT environment is not enough. A holistic understanding of a company and the value-adding processes is required in order to develop an ideal strategy for achieving the company's goals.

We help companies on an interim basis from the formulation of a mission statement to the development of an IT and digitalization strategy to personnel development in order to be able to meet these requirements.