Virtuel and interactive trainings in realistic situations. Completely new learning experiences for executives and employees: distraction-free health and safety briefings, trainings on new processes, compliance or awareness.

vLearning can even be used as a support tool in service and sales professions. In contrast to traditional lectures and computer training, interactive training in realistic situations leads to significantly increased learning efficiency. Users remember such experiences for a long time.

Trainings & Instructions

Training for sales, service & maintenance

Ask and answer questions in realistic situations. Virtual situations training prepares sales staff as well as employees in service and maintenance with predefined conversation situations and maintenance procedures. Interacton with the application happens through controllers or handtracking functions.

It is also possible to simualte internal communication situations, e.g. for executive and leadership trainings.

Training for ongoing processes

Integration of new employees to existing processes through virtual reality

New employee integration to existing processes made easy. Instead of simply just documenting processes visual information is displayed, which enables employees to understand those more quickly. Employees can also train on simulated processes and thereby integrate themselves into established processes more effectively.

Safety briefings

Experiencing and dealing with dangerous situations through virtual reality in advance

Humans recognize and internalize hazards best when these have been experienced already. Our visual awareness trainings simulate such situations in a harmless way. This experience then translates into valuable memories. Hazardous areas can be safely experienced and inspected in a virtual environment.

Virtual simulations recieve more attention from the trainee than classic front-of-class teaching.