The AR-glasses for on the go - cost-efficient, lightweight and high-performance

We have already successfully integrated the Vuzix Blade into our mobile service manager ARiiVA. Scan the ARiiVA Dataspot with AR-glasses and receive stored data - "hands-free".

The Vuzix Blade offers a bright, colorful and sharp display. The glasses are intended for professionals and normal end users alike.

The wearable AR glasses have a rechargeable battery and a noise-canceling microphone and a variety of other functions.

For example, scanning the ARiiVA Dataspot - and display all relevant information immediately.

  • Haptic feedback: Vibration of the blade when a notification is received
  • Touchpad and head motion tracker: Intuitive controls
  • Integrated microphone with noise cancellation: Allows voice control
  • 8-Megapixel-HD-Camera: Take pictures or 1080p videos
  • mircoSD storage: The SD card slot provides access to more storage

Our ARiiVA service software is already suitable for operation on this device!